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QUIKSYSTEMS offers a unique combination of strategy, consulting and technology to enable clients to derive the most optimal benefit from their investment and trust. We ensure ROI by offering a strategic combination of onsite consulting and offsite process mapping to ensure speedy solution delivery in tandem with your teams.

QUIKSYSTEMS primary service offerings can be categorized under the following heads:

  • Line of Business Software Development 
  • Consulting
  • Outsourced Application Development
Services > Consulting
The QUIKSYSTEMS consulting team comprises senior IT and management leads. Our typical consulting team, deployed to study a situation and deliver a solution, comprises people who bring with them expertise and experience in operational efficiency, strategic IT / business convergence, and process architecture.

This combination has always proved useful, especially in the initial phases of the project, when the customer's requirements are systematic studied. Based on this study, our designated SPOC offers an analysis which, following a discussion with the leaders from the client team, leads to a proposed solution which can then be deployed using a combination of onsite, offsite, and offshore delivery.

Our core areas of consulting include:
  • IT Infrastructure
  • SOA and Application Development
  • Training and Support Services

To find out more about our consulting capabilities, please contact us.

Services > Line of Business Software Development
We will soon launch our first Line of Business product -  TRAX -  developed for the desktop and the cloud. 

TRAX is a fully integrated accounting system for the transport industry - from operations to financial reporting

Services > Outsourced Development
QUIKSYSTEMS outsourced development services offer a wide range of development-related capabilities, including architecting, UI design, product development, version upgrades and quality assurance.Combined with our consulting expertise, our outsourced development offering could really take the pain out of your product development / enhancement requirements. From the initial study of your requirements in terms of technology, functionality, architecture and scale to the final delivered product, QUIKSYSTEMS can ensure comprehensive ROI within a very rapid framework of time and investment.

Our Outsourced Development services include:

  • Custom Integrated Services
  • Product Development / Enhancement

To find out more about our consulting capabilities, please contact us.

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